Virtual Earth Online is the most ambitious sandbox MMORPG ever attempted, with the largest open game world yet to date; the entire Earth. Every house, every street, every feature and facet, reproduced in a virtual world players can travel and explore, discover and shape. Choose your avatar and set off to explore the world. You can go where you wish to go. Do what you wish to do. Be whoever you want to be! Voxel-based building blocks allow players to build and create anything they can imagine. Build, explore, create, and more, all as never before; the whole world lies before you!

Virtual Earth Online Key Features

Explore The World - In Virtual Earth Online, the entire world lies open before you; literally. Every house, every street, every park and every corner is reproduced here! You can go wherever you wish, from famous locations and big cities to remote corners of the world. Travel instantly or take the long way; it's your choice.

Play Your Way - Explore the world and make your way in it as whoever you want to be. Do you want to be a farmer, a traveler, a builder? From purchasing land and building your dreams to simply wandering and taking in the sights, Virtual Earth Online lets you do whatever you'd do if you could do anything.

Build Anything You Like - A voxel-based construction engine allows players to build nearly anything from building blocks of all shapes and sizes. The blocks themselves need not be square, but can take custom shapes as required. Custom textures allow for even further options.