Visions of Zosimos is a unique blend of the strategy, role-playing and collectible card game genres, allowing players across the board to experience a new form of cooperative and competitive play. Drawing inspiration from real-world ancient texts, players take on the role of a student of Alchemy, an ancient precursor to Chemistry with an emphasis on mysticism and mythology, as well as the transmutation and binding of elemental and spiritual forces. Visions of Zosimos seamlessly integrates deep tactical turn-based combat in a hex based layout, while harnessing the social aspects of the massively multiplayer online (MMO) genre.

Visions Of Zosimos Key Features

Claim Victory - Victory is claimed from the player with the best strategy and tactics. In a Player Vs. Player match, victory is achieved when the opposing teams homunculi are defeated. In a Player Vs.Player Vs. Enemy match, the team with the most Victory Points will win the match. Victory Points are claimed through various challenges based on the Board and defeating Wandering Monsters, Bosses and Homunculi.

Wield Alchemical Powers - The powers that you wield in battle are based on the principles of alchemical creation. The three building blocks of the Homunculus are reflected in Materia Cards known as Construct, Essence, and Memories. These cards add to the power and functionality of your Homunculus.

Visit Forsaken Realms - In the swampy forest known as the Blighted Mire, you’ll find the half-sunken relics of a former civilization, guarded by twisted, warped beings who used to be bright and beautiful. The Cathedral of Bones is a place where the fallen angels known as the Grigori used to fight and train. Now, only the Grigori Outcast remains and he is the lord of this Arena. Dare you enter these forsaken places?