Wander is a collaborative, non-combat, non-competitive fantasy MMO game focused on exploration and discovery. You begin as a giant tree. Storms that affect the known planets transform you, and continue to influence your path. A rare flower has many powers that can alter your course. Enchanting opera singers guide you. As you explore, you begin to discover others in the the sprawling rainforest. Working together, you unlock new experiences, piece together the plot and enjoy the varied beauty that Wander has to offer. With a gorgeous landscape, large scale non-competitive play, and immersive sound design, this is a world like no other. The world covers a 64 Square kilometre area with 5 characters to discover and morph into: Oren (tree), Hira (humanoid), Griffon, Azertash (sea creature) and Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger). Where will you Wander?

Wander Key Features

Huge Living World - Explore a breathtaking landscape in full HD based on realistic weather patterns and researched rainforest data.

Immersive And Engaging - The focus of the game is on exploration, beauty, cooperation and transformation. Prepare yourself for a unique player experience!

Non-Competitive Gameplay - Large scale gameplay focuses on cooperation and creation. Work together with players from around the world to build something wonderful!

Lots To Discover - Experience an extensive world filled with unseen and secluded mysteries. Can you find all the corners of this land and unlock its secrets?

Relaxing Gameplay - Lose yourself in the immersive sounds and visuals. Wander's continuously soothing atmosphere makes gameplay inviting and calming.