WAR DRONES is a science fiction action MMO which lets you take control of a high tech battle robot and destroy your enemies in fiery explosions! Engage in fast paced PvE and PvP battles, with up to 200 players fighting in one map at one time. Use energy shields, rocket packs, missiles, lasers, and more, to outwit and outfight your opponents. In the far flung future, a war is fought over resources between private corporations, and that war is fought with potent battles bots known as WAR DRONES. Your mission is to capture enemy bases and protect your company's resources and investments at all costs!

WAR DRONES Key Features

Choose Your WAR DRONE - Every class of war drone offers different weapons and abilities, and thus suits a particular tactical style. Will you favor defense or offense, maneuverability or firepower, ground or sky? It's your choice!

Massive PvP Battles - Get into massive PvP battles with more than 200 combatants in one map, fighting at one time. You'll need to work together with your team if you want to persevere in spite of such chaos.

Global Ranking System - The more you fight, the more skilled you'll become. The more skilled you become, the higher you'll climb in the rankings. Can you climb to the top of the leaderboards and bask in the glory?