War Dust is a VR team based shooter that puts players into 32 vs 32 battles that feels like an intense action film, filled with gunfights and explosions! Play a part in a realistic battle, where you and your teammates must use teamwork, maneuvering, and coordination to win with consistency. War Dust is not just another game! Explore huge battlefields full of terrain and structures which dictate the tactics you must use. Drive a wide array of different types of vehicles into combat, all in full VR. Strategically communicate and interact with your teammates in order to crush your opponents and win the day! If you're a fan of VR games and team shooters, War Dust just may be the game you've been waiting for.

War Dust Key Features

64 Player Battles - War Dust offers the largest VR battles to date! Get ready to experience large scale battles, not just small skirmishes. Regardless of the number of players, a single player in the right place, at the right time, can still make all the difference.

Drive Vehicles - Get inside a tank and support your team by neutralizing strong points, race across the battlefield on a quad, or soar high above the action in an airplane or helicopter. All of this, of course, is rendered in immersive VR!

Work As A Team - Coordinate your attacks, suppressing and flanking your enemy. Advance under the cover of a tank's fire. Move from cover to cover, providing overwatch for your allies as they move. War Dust demands realistic battlefield tactics.