War of Conquest is a large open world MMORTS with thousands of other players where tower defense games meet sandbox style real-time strategy games. Here you must develop your nation by collecting resources, building a powerful military, and fighting to claim the mysterious Orbs of Power. Develop your nation's technology and magical prowess through extensive research. Forge alliances with your neighbors to strengthen your position. Capture the Orbs of Power to further strengthen your nation as you work towards the ultimate goal; claiming the powerful Orb of Fire! With fluid, non-static strategy gameplay, loads of competition and cooperation, and deep strategic choices, War of Conquest is a game for RTS fans everywhere.

War Of Conquest Key Features

Ebb And Flow - A nation's most powerful assets are not buildings and land; these will be captured again and again, changing hands many times. Your advances, both technological and magical, are your most important tools. Use them wisely!

Three Tiered Combat - How a given nation performs in combat against another nation depends on three stats; Tech, Bio, and Psi. These powers have something of a rock-paper-scissors relationship, so keep that in mind when planning attacks and defenses.

Build Your Empire - Build logistic, manufacturing, and military structures to bolster your nation's strengths and mitigate weaknesses. Your ability to harvest manpower and energy, the game's two primary resources, are critical to success.

Massively Multiplayer - You share the world with thousands of other players. Some will wish you ill, some will forge alliances with you, and a great many will simply do neither. Choose your friends and enemies carefully; one can quickly become the other.