War of Omens is a strategic card game for mobile and browser set in a dark fantasy world, depicting the evolving political and military struggle between three distinct, warring factions. Players take on the role of a hero representing one of these three factions, with the player's deck representing spells, tricks, techniques and troops, and take their deck into battle against other players. War of Omens combines elements from CCGs like Magic: the Gathering, Tyrant, or Pokémon and Deck-Builders like Dominion, Thunderstone, and Quarriors into a hybrid collectible deck-building game.

War Of Omens Key Features

Collectible Deck-Builder - Players will be able to collect cards and customize their decks, just like in CCGs, but as they sit down to play individual games of War of Omens they'll be buying their cards from the bank each turn, as if they're playing a deck-builder.

Four Distinct Factions - War of Omens features four factions: the Daramek, the Vespitole, the Metris, and the Endazu. Each one of these factions is completely distinct: they look different, have different in-game mechanics, and have completely different, original storylines. Each faction also has distinct heroes with powerful abilities.

Strategy And Tactics - Even within a single faction, play styles and strategies vary wildly because of the differences between the three heroes. Some favor offense, while others favor defense. Each is designed to complement and enhance an aspect of their faction's overall style and mechanics. Which overall strategy will you favor?