War of Tanks is a free to play, browser-based strategy game with a focus on squad-based tactical tank combat. The events of War of Tanks take place in an alternate reality, very similar to our modern world, constant war wages for control of land and resources. Players can pilot combat vehicles and earn experience, gold, and resources, which can be used to upgrade your ground vehicles and aircraft. You'll come across several types and classes of tanks, as well as many other machines of war, including aircraft. Lead your squad into battle on land and in the air; will you emerge victorious?

War Of Tanks Key Features

Build Your Team - You control a whole squad instead of just one character. Initially, you have only one pilot and one tank, but over time you'll gain access to a whole range of metal machines, as well as experienced crews.

Diverse Units - You'll be able to gather a huge collection of various vehicles in the game, from popular and well-known models to unique tanks and helicopters.

Your Own Base - Apart from squad management, the player will have an opportunity to construct and develop their own base, which enables the production of new vehicles.

Use It All - In many games, starting equipment quickly becomes irrelevant because of its low power, defense, or other vital stats. In War of Tanks you can dismantle the items you no longer need, refunding the resources spent for their production, which you can then use for further development.

Loads Of Modes - Fight in boss battles, Arena battles against other players, cross-server battles, and more. No matter what sort of play you prefer, you can do it in War of Tanks.

Auto-Battle - When fighting weak opponents, or in cases where you simply don't want to fight yourself, you can use the auto-battle mode.