War of the Vikings launches onto the battlefields of the Viking Age in intense close quarter combat, where skill beats strength and the possibility of death is always one opponent away. This MMORPG is built on the same CQC Tech as War of the Roses; War of the Vikings delivers the next generation of Paradox’s close quarter combat focused brands that moves the setting to the Viking Age. All of these factors create a game experience that has an increased intensity, improved accessibility, and more intuitive combat experiences ensuring you’re always presented with interesting choices.

With a vision to create an intense, rich, mature and emotionally engaging Viking game, the developers have added several unique features: first off is the aggressive close quarter combat experience where skill beats strength. Secondly each player can determine their own archetypes of the viking way; create persistent profiles and customize to shape your own Viking or Saxon. This includes armor style, heraldry, shield paintings, beards, armor, weaponry and perks.

War Of The Vikings Key Features

Historically Accurate - Choose your side and rewrite history. Players can play as both the Vikings and Saxons to take or defend Briton!

Deep Combat System - Claim victory by mastering swinging, chopping, blocking, dodging, and a wide range of special moves to perfect your play style.

Best-in-Class Ranged Combat - Ranged combat that blends naturally with the close quarters experience as arrows, javelins and throwing axes soar through the air towards their targets.

Arena Game Mode - The hardcore arena game mode increases the intensity of the action with dense levels where your enemies are only a spear throw away.

Choose Your Perks - Pick the perfect perk to accentuate and enhance your play style and create the exact warrior you want.

Training Ground - Take your custom profiles for a trial fight in the training grounds to test and tweak your gear to find the perfect profile for your play style.