War Planet Online: Global Conquest is an epic military strategy game with a very simple goal; taking over the entire world. You are the commander of a lone military force, and all around, the world has descended into chaos and madness. Build your base and consolidate your resources. Work together with other forces and form powerful alliances. Assemble an army capable of defeating all who oppose you, and conquer the world! Thousands of players fight night and day for dominance on a real-world map, and you will fight against and alongside them.

NOTE: War Planet Online: Global Conquest does contain pay for advantage features.

War Planet Online: Global Conquest Key Features

Build Your Army - Shore up a base of operations and then begin building a powerful military force. Assemble allies and work together. Use teamwork, tactics, and timing to secure victory.

Epic Strategy - Recruit commanders who will help your troops in the field. Use combined arms operations to best effect. Launch airstrikes, artillery barrages, and much more.

Real World Action - Fight for domination of a map based on Earth, with all the places you know and love represented. Will you take over your hometown or someplace far away - or will you rule it all?

All Out Warfare - Fight in immense real time battles using tanks, jets, and other real world weapons and vehicles. Work together with your allies and strike where and when they least expect it.