War Robots, as the name suggests, is a multiplayer robotic battle arena featuring various third-person and real-time game modes including a thrilling 6v6 PvP mode. It features highly customisable battle-mechs, robots and titans with different specialities, weapon sets, gameplay styles and aesthetics. Players might choose to glide through the skies as Fafnir, blast artillery-like shots from a safe distance with Erebus, or teleport to strategic positions with the robotic-tank Revenant.

Fighting battle mechs is a tried and tested and iconic formula for fun. War Robots is available on mobile format (as well as via a Steam download) allowing for robot vs robot warfare in the palm of your hand. There are excellent aesthetics, diverse maps, high levels of personalisation and a whole lot of destructive fun to be had. As well as offering classic casual matches, War Robots gives the option to join clans, tournaments, and leagues.

The helpful companion website has a Knowledge Base component which goes into depth on the different war robot classes and weaponry, as well as showing off stunning 3D models. There are also descriptions of the various gameplay modes available such as Team Battle, Beacon Rush, and Custom Game.

War Robots Key Features:

  • Mecha Arsenal - War Robots features 30 distinct battle mechs with distinctive playstyles, from sneaky sniper bots to nimble skirmishers. Players can choose from fan-favourites such as Demeter, Shell, Sharanga, and Erebus.

  • Full Customisation - There is plenty of equipment to kit out your robot warrior with, choose from missile weaponry like Kisten (a mid-range multi-missile launcher), energy weaponry like Prisma (shooting a concentrated laser beam), or special weaponry like Bane or Toxin (acid-based weaponry for melting through opponents' metal armours).

  • Diverse Maps - There are 14+ maps available on War Robots, each with a distinctive flare. Will you choose to battle in the modern ruins of Rome? Between the craters of the Moon? On the multiple levels of a destroyed starship on Dreadnaught? Or perhaps in the icy winds of Yamantau - based on the real world mountainous location.