War Rock is a 3D Tactical MMOFPS that features fast-paced, realistic gameplay that strives to offer a simulated real-world war environment. Unlike many other MMOFPS titles, War Rock allows you to gain experience and money at the end of each game; however, it is dependant entirely on how well you perform. Play well and you advance your level in no time unlocking new options in the store. If you do not play as well as others, all you need to do is practice; it will come to you! War Rock delivers fast paced gameplay that shooter fans crave, combined with great rewards, options, and more.

War Rock Key Features

Varied Professions - Five different professions offer something for everyone. Choose from engineer, medic, sniper, assault, and the heavy trooper, and get in the game. Master a single profession, or try to learn them all!

Multi-Mode Mayhem - Conquest Mode, Capture the Base, Team or Individual Deathmatch modes, Bombing Mission, and even a vs. AI Mode! No matter what type of match you like, or what you want to practice, it's here.

Ranking System - Advance in rank by completing games in War Rock. With advancement comes privileges; better equipment will be unlocked in the Armory at certain Ranks, and some special events will have a minimum rank requirement.