WAR2 Glory is a free to play browser-based real-time strategy game that offers you control of realistic World War II forces as an Army Commander. Players become the Commander of a small city and must build, defend, trade and expand to be succesful! Commanders must be shrewd generals and engineers, as you must build more than just an army. Your city must be economically strong and well planned out. WAR2 Glory offers a variety of gameplay features, such as city development, loads of different troops and vehicles, and allows for versatile combat scenarios on land, at sea, and in the air. Can you become supreme commander and win the glory?

WAR2 Glory Key Features

Loads To Build - WAR2 Glory has 40+ individual units, 18 buildings and 21 Technologies! Learn the strengths and weaknesses of every unit, structure, and upgrade, and use them to best effect.

Scout, Then Attack - Use scouting units to reconnoiter your enemy's lines and seek out weaknesses. Then, lead your officers and men into battle, exploit those weaknesses, and sweep your enemy aside.

Strength In Numbers - United you stand, but divided you may fall. Join an Alliance for mutual-protection, co-ordinate devastating attacks against your enemies, and take part in the PvP-only Alliance Campaign.