Warcraft III: Reforged is a remake of the classic real time strategy game that defined much of the history of the famous fantasy realm Azeroth. Get ready to experience Azeroth's most epic stories as never before! Warcraft III: Reforged is not a mere reimaging, but a true remake. The game features beautifully updated graphics, a new and modern matchmaking system, social features, and much more. Take command of your favorite Warcraft race and fight to shape the future of Azeroth! Kingdoms will rise and fall, alliances will buckle and shift, and lives will hang in the balance. Take command of the Undead, Humans, Night Elves, or Orcs, and get into the war!

Warcraft III: Reforged Key Features

Choose Your Nation - Take command of the stalwart Humans, the warlike Orcs, the mystical Night Elves, or the sinister Undead. Gather resources, build your base, and assemble an army. Recruit powerful heroes to lead your forces. Meet your foes in battle!

Experience The Epic - Journey from Darnassus to Northrend, from Orgrimmar to Lordaeron. See the rise of the Lich King, fight against the Burning Legion, and witness the fall of Lordaeron. These are the events that shaped the World of Warcraft!

Single Player Saga - Play through more than 60 different single player missions that span the length and breadth of Azeroth. With reimagined visuals and more than 4 hours of all redone cutscenes, you've never experienced Warcraft III like this before.

Multiplayer Fun - A modern matchmaking system makes it quick and easy to find opponents. You can join or create custom games, and even populate those games with custom maps created in the World Editor. It's never been easier to play Warcraft III with friends!