Warmonger, formerly known as Crush Online, is a free to play PvP focused MMO with MOBA style combat, a persistent world, and loads of distinct characters and factions. Pick from a number of different warring factions. Choose a character from an array of different character types, with tons of different weapon setups. Then, get in the game, and enjoy truly challenging tactical combat against both NPCs and other players! In addition to combat, Warmonger offers strategy elements, from expanding your nation's boundaries to gain more resources, to building a personal stronghold. You are not only fighting in single matches, but helping decide the outcome of an epic war!

Warmonger Key Features

Choose Your Role - Once you decide which faction you will fight for, you then pick your character. A wide array of characters await, each of whom wields a different weapon set and fills different roles.

Conquer Territory - The MOBA style combat in Warmonger decides the fate of nations. You fight to gain territory for your faction! As you expand your territory, you will get new resources to use in your fight.

Build A Base - Build a fortress and defend it against all attackers. Your fortress is your home; protect it at all costs.

Massive Arsenal - Like any good combat focused game, Warmonger delivers loads of choice when it comes to weapon loadouts. Will you go for finesse or firepower?

Choose Who Leads - Warmonger even features a political system, complete with elections! You can decide who you want to be the king of your faction. Someday, it might even be you.