Warriors Orochi 4 is a hack and slash action game that offers a diverse roster of 170 playable characters drawn from the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors franchises. Players take control of a team of three characters from three different broad categories; Power, Speed, and Technique. You then fight your way through single and multiplayer battles, fighting for the future of mankind! All of the warriors from Warriors Orochi 3 have returned to their previous lives and forgotten much about the events of the previous game. However, Zeus calls them all to the dimensional world once again, for an even more challenging battle! Now it is up to you to help your team win!

Warriors Orochi 4 Key Features

So Many Characters - All of the characters from the previous games return, along with a host of new faces. You can now even command the gods themselves as Odin, Athena, and others join the fight! Build a team of your favorites and get into the action.

Intense Hack And Slash Combat - In addition to the weapon-based combat the Warriors Orochi games are known for, now characters can also launch magical attacks! A well-timed and executed combo of swordplay and sorcery will overcome the toughest foes.

Solo Story, Multiplayer Action - A 70-episode story mode spread across five chapters teaches players the background, as well as how to play the game. Intense combat against other players puts your skills to the ultimate test.