Wartime is a free-to-play browser game designed to while away the hours online with friends with just a few clicks. As the name suggests, the game takes place during an explosive age of raging warfare and malicious foes.

As the player, you assume control of your very own base and army as you battle the insidious Dark Sovereign. Alliances, resource management, and the unique skills of several available commanders all become vital as you strive for victory against your powerful enemy. Ensure that your technologies are up to speed and keep your units upgraded through a clever merging system to clinch victory in your skirmishes.

The aim of the game is to lead your ground, navy, and air troops to reclaim your lands from the invaders. In defense of your territory you must demonstrate resourcefulness, perseverance and, of course, a sound strategy. So steel yourself and prepare for battle!

Key Features

Merge and Upgrade - Turn your foot soldiers into armoured vehicles and your vehicles into tanks - ensure that your units are as powerful as they can be by researching technologies to overwhelm your enemy with superior firepower. Apply the same strategy back at your base as you merge your buildings and optimize your infrastructure.

Unique Commanders - Employ one of several unique generals whose skill-sets will help turn the tide of battle. Use their talents to seize the upper hand as you reclaim the lands captured by your enemy.

Alliance System - Join with other players to further bolster your arsenal and augment your power - only by working together, you can achieve glorious victories that would otherwise be impossible.