Wickland is an indie arena FPS game heavily inspired by the fast classic shooters of the 90's such as Quake. In the game, players can morph into several different deadly beasts and use their own unique abilities. Blaze through maps at insane speed to pick up power-ups and fight your friends or foes in classic maze-like arena maps, all highly reminiscent of the the good old shooter days. Wickland is an arena FPS dedicated to PC Gamers.

Wickland Key Features

  • The game revolves around morphing, fighting, and killing the opponent's beasts until the human character is defeated

  • Play as 8 beasts, each with their own unique range and close range abilities

  • 3 arena maps are available during Early Access

  • Warm-Up (FFA Deathmatch) and Duel (1v1)

  • Learn the competition through Spectator mode

  • Lengthen your lifespan with Power-ups such as health potions and armor

  • Use the Wall jump ability to increase momentum, perform trick jumps, and take shortcuts to catch your opponents by surprise