Wild Terra is a hardcore role-playing sandbox with a vast open and player controlled Medieval world featuring building, crafting, gathering, farming, and land claiming elements. There are no NPCs, so to get the things you need in game you’ll have to craft, trade, or take it by brute force. There are levels in Wild Terra, but they have very little effect on how you play and only grant a small benefit in combat. This is a true survival sandbox, and as such, player kills are fair game. You choose who to work with, and who to work against. Of course there are also PvE servers, but for the PvP lovers, the free PvP servers are where it’s at and the only thing between you and another player is your personal skill.

Wild Terra Key Features

Huge World - A huge open sandbox medieval Europe-styled world to explore and discover.

Gather and Hunt - You need to eat to survive, so you'll need to hunt and gather.

Build and Craft - Build anything you desire anywhere you fancy and take part in a range of crafting to compliment your playstyle.

Fight and Win - There are dozens of weapons and armor you can use and you don't have to be high level to compete with other players. It just takes skill.