Wild West Online is a Wild West-themed action sandbox MMORPG featuring world exploration, resource gathering, PvP combat, PvE missions and much, much more. Your actions alone decide if you’ll be a hero, a villain, or anything in between. Will you choose to live by the law of the land, or by the law of the gun? This world is vast, and largely unexplored, however; dig deeper and you might start to suspect there’s more going on here than just lawmakers and lawbreakers. Underneath the surface, this west is even wilder than meets the eye.

Wild West Online Key Features

Who Will You Be - Whether you want to be a prospector and work the land for gold, or a claim jumper who takes that gold, you can do it here. From lawman to outlaw, bounty hunter to bandit, you can do it here. Be warned - if you choose an outlaw's path, other players can hunt you down and bring you in, dead or alive!

Your Actions Define You - Murder someone, and you'll be branded a murderer! Choose a calm life, and enjoy the safety and security of civilization, or become an outlaw, and be unable to enter towns or cities. Oh, sure, there are outlaw dens, too - but they're not exactly safe, even for outlaws.

Risk Vs. Reward - The further you go from civilization, the more danger you'll be in. The West was “wild” for a reason. Bullets will be fired. Blood will be spilled. Don’t worry, Wild West Online isn't designed as a “survival” experience with “permadeath” repercussions. You never *want* to die, but it also doesn’t mean starting from scratch.

Vast Open World - The world of Wild West Online features vast wilderness areas, settler encampments, lone farms, small settlements, large towns, train stations, gang hideouts, landmarks – and bizarre uncharted places of an "unknown nature" that curious explorers will be drawn to seek out. You can even head down to Old Mexico if things stateside grow too stale... or hot!