WildGuns is a free to play, browser-based MMORTS which puts the fate of a developing settlement in the Old West into your hands. Out here where the buffalo roam on the vast prairie, Indians, cowboys and Mexicans fight for valuable land. Decide which side you want to be on. Establish a village and transform it into a powerful town. Make peace treaties, fight against enemy settlements, or discover valuable goldmines. Light up the pipes of peace or dig up the hatchet; how you decide to pursue greatness is up to you. One thing is for sure, pardner; you'd better bring your guns to town!

WildGuns Key Features

Choose Your Nation - Choose your nation from Cowboys, Mexicans, or Indians. Every nation has its own special qualities, so choose wisely!

From Nothing To Prosperity - Establish a village and transform it into a powerful town. Found your village in the middle of a desolate prairie. Expand your villages and transform them into established and invulnerable bases.

Lead Your Forces - Build troops to defend your territories from enemy tribes or try to occupy enemy territories with the help of a little bit of violence.

Manage Resources - Collect wood from the forests, get iron from the mine, dig for clay and cultivate grain on the fields so that you can extend your village and recruit warriors.

War And Peace - You can make peace treaties and build diplomatic relations, or you can fight against enemy settlements or discover valuable goldmines by fighting people for their land.