Will to Live Online is a hybrid MMORPG / shooter set in a harsh post-apocalyptic world full of dangerous mutants and struggling survivors. You find yourself in this open world, and what you do here is up to you. You can team up with other players to increase your chances of survival, or you can go it alone to be your own boss. You must contend with the needs of survival, from hunger and thirst to fighting off mutants, enemy players, and a host of other dangers. However, Will To Live isn't just another survival shooter; it offers a true MMORPG experience! Explore dungeons, fight against raid bosses, team up with friends to form clans, and complete quests while you explore a vast sandbox world.

Will To Live Online Key Features

Fight To Survive - Manage your hunger and thirst, search out useful items and supplies, and be ever wary of danger. A single mistake may spell disaster.

Choose Your Class - Pick from one of four classes, each of which has unique strengths and weaknesses. You can make multiple characters to try them all.

Large Sandbox World - Explore a vast and lethal world, full of irradiated zones, deadly mutants, enemy players, environmental hazards, and more.

Realistic Combat - Weapons use realistic ballistic models to calculate hits and damage. Weapons, armor, and other items can be upgraded to enhance their usefulness.

MMORPG World - Team up with friends to complete raids. Explore dungeons - literal dungeons, like caverns and mines - for loot and secrets. Join a clan, craft new items, and more.