Wincars Racer is an innovative free to play online multiplayer arcade racer that takes the racing genre as a starting point and adds the possibilities of online competition offered by today’s MOBA titles. It aims to be the craziest racing arcade game ever holding wild races among players all around the world through impossible and fantastic circuits.

Wincars Racer blends the instant fun and joy from 90’s racing arcade games with present-day strategic and competitive features. Enjoy lots of customization options, unique driving styles for each car model and leveled special skills inherent to each character. Set in a PC online gaming environment full of challenges and players to compete against, Wincars Racer is a multiplayer arcade racer where tactics and skill really matters!

Wincars Racer Key Features

Innovative - A new twist to the racing genre adding strategy and making tactics really matter!

Huge and Competitive - Massive up to 4000 players Tournaments including physical prizes to winners.

Never Get Bored - Lots of different game modes, including an upcoming 4 vs 4 co-op Teams Mode!

Unique Abilities - Unfold biomechanical wings! Burn enemies using flamethrowers! Turn into a Golem!...when we say special skills we really mean it.

More than 100 original car designs - Each model comes with its own unique driving style and tons of customization options.

Great Narrative - Crafted and engaging backstory behind the tournament and its characters.

Pleasure to the Ears - Amazing original Soundtrack written and performed by Javi Diez from famous rock act Mago de Oz.

An all-in-one Gaming Interface - including friends system, in-game chats, Tournaments tool, Rankings, Custom races…and much more!