Wind of Luck is a session-based team multiplayer online game dedicated to the fast and furious action of naval battles in the Age of Sail. It's a unique opportunity to feel like a commander or pirate captain in the midst of a furious battle in the Age of Sail! Set your sails, man the guns, and prepare for fierce broadsides, boarding actions, and strategic positioning to gain and hold the weather gauge! Wind of Luck features team vs team battles, which allow you to fight against random opponents, train together with your friends, sharpening various combat skills and exploring various locations. Battles will take place in truly special seascapes which offer not only a good spectacle, but also the tactical challenge of a variety of battle conditions. There is nothing that can stop you on your way to be a true sea wolf; hoist the colors!

Wind of Luck Highlights

Team vs Team Combat - Assemble a squadron of friends, or with players from around the world, and sail into a fierce firefight with an enemy squadron. Team positioning and tactics will secure victory!

Full 3D combat - In Wind of Luck, players can immerse themselves into the feel of combat aboard the mightiest sailing ships of all time, thanks to the wonderful, fully 3d graphics and beautiful locations. All that's missing is the smell of gunsmoke and sea spray in the air!

Unique Seascapes - Beautiful locations offer both wonderful scenery and tactical challenges. Use the terrain and weather to your advantage!