Windborne is a Fantasy Social Sandbox game developed and self-published by Hidden Path Entertainment. The game brings social sandbox creation games to the next level. Explore a vibrant world filled with secrets to unlock and treasures to find, craft personalized furnishings and innovative artifacts, and befriend intriguing Jin to help build a new civilization. Will you seek out the clues and artifacts of the ancients, or just loot passing islands for minerals and rare plants? Bring along your friends while you play, and share your creations with the world. Where will the wind take you? Inspired by games such as Animal Crossing, Minecraft, Dwarf Fortress, and the early Zeldas, expect more on Windborne as we work towards Steam Early Access release later this year.

Windborne Key Features

Building – With a wide variety of building materials, furnishings, and artifacts, you can build whatever you can imagine

Crafting – Everything can be made and improved, and everything you make has a purpose.

Exploring – You will be part of your own story as you explore an interesting world that is full of wonder and surprise. Explore millions of ruins filled with puzzles and treasure.

Guiding – Guide the Jin to civilization by defending them, building homes for them, and teaching them, and they will help you in return.

Community – See other islands floating by, and visit them to trade with their owners. Join your friends and help them build their town.

Dragons – Breed dragonlings to unlock special abilities, including the ability to fly!

Combat – Defeat enemies that are encroaching on your island, or try assaulting a copy of your friend’s island to test its defenses.

Quests – Pick and choose quests to give you optional challenges that net big rewards.