Winterfrost Legacy is an epic free to play browser MMO which offers a new spin on the classic fantasy game experience. With immersive and versatile gameplay and engaging, dramatic adventures, Winterfrost Legacy delivers an epic fantasy world and a constant progression system. Undertake epic quests, search for treasure and loot, fight bosses, and more! Will you choose the path of the rogue, and overcome your opponents with speed and subterfuge, or the path of the mage, defeating all comers with magic and mysticism? The past returns to haunt the land and its people, and the future depends on brave adventurers! Mercenaries never give up!

Winterfrost Legacy Game Features

Write Your Own History - Choose from one of nine clans who populate the world of Winterfrost Legacy: Play as a Human, Elf, Dwarf, Dragon, Halfling, Orcs, Barbarian, Titan, or Giant

Forge Your Own Destiny - Play as a Mage, Rogue, Warrior, or Shaman, and learn to master your talents!

Strategy And Wit Win The Day - You can go head to head with tough, fierce bosses... or you can challenge them to a game of Chaos Chess, and win without ever swinging a sword

Level Up Minigame - Through the minigame of Merc Quests, you can earn experience and gain levels by completing mercenary type missions. Fortune favors the bold!