World At Arms is a free to play modern warfare MMORTS that offers immersive tactical gameplay, both in its online multiplayer mode and during the deep and exciting single player campaign. Coordinate with other players from all over the world through chat, form different factions, and dominate the battlefield! Challenge rivals, steal their resources, crush their forces, and claim your place on the leaderboard. World At Arms is fun, it's fast paced, it can be played on the platform of your choice, and it's free; what more could a wargame or RTS fan desire?

World At Arms Key Features

Build And Upgrade - Collect resources that you can use to build, upgrade, or even fuse units. You can also use resources to build and upgrade facilities to gain a tactical edge, and earn bonus rewards!

Modern Warfare - World At Arms allows players to engage in battles on land, in the air, on the sea... or even beneath the waves! From deserts to jungles to cities to vast oceans, the entire world is your battleground.

Diverse Multiplayer Play - Full of social aspects, World At Arms encourages such sorts of multiplayer activity whether you want to play with or against your friends, join or form player controlled factions, or simply chat awhile.