World Of Fishing brings the experience of fishing for gamefish all around the world directly to your PC, in this groundbreaking F2P MMO fishing simulation! World of Fishing is a completely free to play total fishing simulator where you can group together with friends into guilds, take part in ranked tournaments, or just go fishing with some friends and have a good time. A true fishing MMO, World of Fishing lets you develop a character, explore the ocean, and experience it all with thousands of other players from all over the world.

World Of Fishing Key Features

So Much Water, So Many Fish - Travel to over 30 famous locations with over 300 species of fish to catch! The ocean is huge and beautiful, and waiting for you to learn its secrets

Your Character Grows With You - As you learn more about fish and fishing, so does your character! Customize your look and gear, and gain levels and experience!

Equip Yourself With The Best - World of Fishing has a wide variety of gear waiting for you to master it; unlock new rods, baits, and even boats as you advance through the game, and tackle tougher fish!

Realistic Experience - World of Fishing provides an authentic, yet easy to learn fishing simulation. Master your own techniques and reel in the biggest fish!

A Fishing Community - Meet and chat with fishers from all over the world, and fish with - or against - them!