World of Leaders is a MMORPG based on today's world by Eversim. Players take on the roles of politicians, artists, and journalists in today’s world. Their goal is to acquire maximum influence and develop their careers. In this pursuit, they can become, for example, the country’s most popular singer or its Head of State. The game unfolds at the same pace as the real world. Each day, players can take action in the game to plan their travel, manage their budgets, establish contacts and develop their network, make statements, write articles, and create events.

These events are free creations in which players can combine text, music, photos, and video - including webcam recordings of their own. A voting system makes it possible to evaluate the popularity of these creations, elect political leaders, and approve laws proposed by the players themselves. These laws will affect economic, social, and political data. Through making the right alliances and being persuasive, players can also change how the world works according to their ideas.

NOTE: As of September 2018, World of Leaders' site is still live but the last update or news item is from 2015. The game appears abandoned.

World Of Leaders Key Features

Step Into Their Shoes - Take on the roles of politicians, artists, and journalists in today’s world. Your decisions and influence set the course of history.

Set The Course - Elect leaders and make real changes to the in-game world. Follow strong leaders, or usurp weak ones.

Grow Your Networks - Establish contacts and develop your network and alliances. The more friends you have, the more power you wield.

Career Motivated - Develop your career to maximize your influence. Manage your commitments, budgets, and other concerns.

Absolute Power - Your decisions and actions really matter. Do well, or suffer the consequences. Great leaders are elevated in status. Poor ones are simply replaced.