World of Speed is a new generation online racing game for true high-speed aficionados. Experience the thrill of street driving with amazing graphics and dynamic controls. World of Speed takes action-styled racing games into a new era by combining AAA HD graphics and visuals with the thrill and intensity of a massively multiplayer online competitive experience. Drive an amazing roster of cars, from speedsters to the lost exotic luxury automobiles. Experience the trill and beauty of driving in some of the prettiest and most exotic locations. Above all, indulge your thirst for more speed!

World Of Speed Key Features

Exotic Cars, Exotic Locales - Get ready for an amazing roster of cars, like the Volkswagen Golf, McLaren F1, and many more. Drive these cars in exotic locations, such as London, Moscow, Cote d'Azur and Monaco, and get lost in the sights and sounds.

True Massively Multiplayer Gameplay - Experience the pleasure of team races in a unique World of Speed racing mode where overall victory depends not just on the personal skills of each player, but also on the smooth interaction of all team members. Get reliable partners together, assign roles, change your car for specific tasks and take your team to the top.

Claim Turf, Take Turf - Players can set up motor clubs and capture entire cities in Territory Battles. In addition, as the motor club grows it can access a club garage and a range of bonuses.