Wrecked is a free to play PvP game where you drive heavily modified vehicles into action packed battles and attempt to reduce your opponents to scrap metal! Build a vehicle from an array of parts and scrap, add weapons, armor, and other upgrades, and get into the arena! Players are free to mount weapons and upgrades literally anywhere on their vehicles, so you can tune and tweak until you've made your perfect ride. Pulse-pounding 10 vs 10 PvP battles promote teamwork and ingenuity, and provide a steady stream of scrap and parts to let you keep on building and upgrading. Get behind the wheel and have some fun!

Wrecked Key Features

Lots Of Locations - Drive and fight across a wide variety of zones based on real and fictional locations, with the varying terrain favoring different tactics on every map.

Get In Gear - Numerous real and fictional vehicles offer plenty of options for building your dream machine. Outfit it with guns and defenses, and hit the road!

Unique Graphics - The comic book style graphics combine detail and definition into a fun whole, and provide an immersive cell-shaded sort of experience.

Physics Matters - Weapons and vehicles behave in realistic and predictable ways; no bouncing off of a small tree into a low level orbit in Wrecked.

Different Game Modes - Test your skills and vehicle in different types of matches like Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, and more! New modes and maps are added with regular updates.