Wuxing Master is a free to play Fantasy collectible card game (CCG) for Steam and Mobile devices based on traditional Chinese myths and folklore. In development for more than 10 years, Wuxing Master delivers engaging gameplay with colorful graphics and some innovative mechanics. Build a deck of cards of personalities, creatures, and spells, and face off against other players from all around the world in strategic battles. Combat is lane based, with 6 lanes to attack and defend, which means placement of cards is as important as the cards themselves. If you like games like Magic and are also a fan of Chinese fantasy and folklore, Wuxing Master is the game for you.

NOTE: The game does not currently have English language support, but is available in the west.

Wuxing Master Key Features

Engaging Mechanics - From defending multiple lanes from attack to discarding a card to increase your mana limit, Wuxing Master requires foresight and tactical as well as strategic thinking.

Gorgeous Graphics - The art style in Wuxing Fantasy is a blend of Anime and watercolor-like images, and the result is simply stunning. Every card and icon in the game is beautifully detailed.

Chinese Mythology - Most fantasy card games focus on western myths, with elves and orcs and dragons. Now, fans of Chinese folklore and fantasy have a game which caters to them!

Build And Battle - Assemble your deck, doing your best to include win conditions as well as utility cards and defenses. Then, test your deck in fun battles! Tactics and timing are key during a match.