WWII Online is a long running, large scale FPS game with large scale combined operations and a huge, zoneless, shared map. The game world is an actual single zoneless map set at 1/2 the scale of the Western European theater of war! Get ready to make history come to life as you play your part in immense combined arms battles. Players direct the gameplay in WWII Online in ways no game has done before. Every weapon and vehicle is controlled by another player, and the campaigns in the game are completely player controlled and unscripted. Get ready for a shooting game on a scale few games can ever match.

WWII Online Key Features

All Out War - The world of WWII Online is a massive 300,000 square km in size! To control a battlefield so vast, Air, Land, and Naval forces must coordinate in realistic ways and work toward concrete objectives.

A Part To Play - Choose what sort of character you'd like to play, and what role you'd like to fill. Play as a soldier, pilot, ship captain, paratrooper, truck driver, mission leader, high command officer, squad leader, and more.

Intense Accuracy - Every weapon, vehicle, explosive, and item behaves according to actual specifications and physics. Armor and components in vehicles is even modeled down to the millimeter.

Fair To Play - Strategy and teamwork determine who wins, not golden bullets and cash shop items! There is no advantage to be bought in game; every rifle is just as lethal whether you are a premium subscriber or a free player.