X-Mercs: Invasion is a turn-based strategy game that puts you in the shoes of a mercenary commander tasked with protecting the planet from a massive alien force. Take control of your own private military corporation, rise above the competition in dynamic PvP, and spearhead Earth's defenses in the most engaging alien invasion story ever told! In the mid 21st century, an alien force from beyond the stars came to Earth. Wielding technology far beyond that used by mankind, Earth's only hope is to use the aliens' own technology against them.

It was then that commanders like you, battle-hardened leaders of international PMCs, stepped up. With a state of the art base and tomorrow's weapons and gear at their disposal, your mercs are the last line of defense against the deadly wildlife of New Earth. X-Mercs: Invasion offers one of the most complex and engrossing tactical game experiences out there. With smart AI, an enticing story, endless base and squad customization possibilities, and fierce PvP, X-Mercs: Invasion has everything you ever wanted in a turn-based action-strategy game!

X-Mercs: Invasion Key Features

Addictive Combat Mechanics - Classic turn-based strategy combined with dynamic action and fierce PvP.

The M-Team - Assemble a balanced squad of deadliest Mercs to counter the alien menace.

Devastating Gear -= Deploy futuristic weapons and equipment and wreak havoc in enemy lines.

Engaging Story - A huge storyline with unexpected twists and hundreds of side quests to keep you busy.

Base of Operations - Turn your HQ into a cutting-edge underground base with over 50 different buildings to construct.

Global Conflict - Fight for strategic control as the enemy spreads the fires of war across all continents.

All-Terrain Battles - Fight for Earth's future under scorching desert sun, in desolate city ruins, or in wrecked alien ships!

Arms Race - Choose from more than 100 technologies to research, learn the aliens' weaknesses, and strike where it hurts the most.

Deadly Threats - Fight against more than 50 types of merciless enemies, from mutants to aliens to human traitors.