XAOC is a MMORPG with an immersive, expansive, and engaging original story about ancient Chinese mythology. The dramatic storyline explores culture and ethnicity, religion, group identity, and mythology. The beginning was the "Skyfall Disaster", the collapse of this once prosperous world. The barriers between the spirit world and the human world were no longer clear. Now, you and your peers must seek salvation and a solution to the puzzles of existence.

Uniquely for an MMORPG, combat and killing is not the main purpose of this game. You may sometimes need to fight, but you will also often need to follow other paths to solve a problem. Explore a harsh and desperate land where people retain some humor and hope. Can you find your way in such a world?

XAOC Key Features

Vast Fantasy World - A huge world lies open before you. Discover the land as you play through the main story as well as side-quests, area-quests, daily mission, and others. You can find event caves, hidden dungeons, fearsome bosses, and much more as you explore and adventure.

Create Your Character - Choose from one of two factions and four diverse races, and then choose your class. You can be a brawling Gladiator, a secretive Night Shade, or a deadly Gunfighter.

Loads To Experience - Play the game multiplayer, online like a traditional MMORPG, or in a single player story mode. You can craft and enhance items, win achievements, and more. If you play online, you can join a guild, engage in PvP, and do many other activities you'd expect in an online game.