Xenos vs Marines is a tactical command first person sci-fi shooter where players play as Space Marines, interplanetary invaders who come face-to-face with alien races trying to defend their homeworlds. Xenos vs Marines tells the story of a futuristic advanced humanity that is fiercely determined to stake its territorial claim of the universe. Players get to experience the unique challenges of the Colonial Forces, lead by the brave Space Marines, sent out to seize new areas of influence for mankind first-hand. Equipped with ultra-advanced weaponry, powered armour and other tools of conquest, players must fight against diverging breeds of aliens and survive the environmental hazards and anomalies found on the new worlds. Do you have what it takes?

Xenos Vs Marines Key Features

Advanced Weapons - Use cutting edge weaponry, armor, and other equipment to take the fight to the enemy. You'll need the gear to survive the hostile locations and lethal enemies you must face.

Enter The Role - Experience life as a space marine, one of the elite warriors tasked with expanding humanity's grasp on the universe.

Tactical Command FPS - Go beyond simply shooting at your enemies. You must use tactics and lead effectively if you hope to win this battle.