Xsyon is a buy-to-play fantasy sandbox MMORPG set in the near future where survivors of an apocalyptic event now struggle to rebuild civilization. Set in the near future, Xsyon is an apocalyptic fable. The world draws its inspiration from history, mythology, and prophecies of the Apocalypse. Most aspects of modern life are now gone. The leaders of the new world, under the guidance of the reinvigorated once forgotten gods, have hidden traces of the scientific progress that led to the devastation of the earth. Modern vehicles, weapons, appliances, computer and even the books that describe these things are practically nowhere to be found.

Survivors embark on a journey to form tribes, build cities, shape terrain and form societies. Players have a massive dynamic world to shape at their choosing. Your path is one of choice. Will your actions help heal the planet or will you play a part in its ultimate doom? What will be the destiny of the Xsyon, the promised land? The future is in your hands.

Xsyon Key Features

War Or Peace - War has destroyed life as we know it. The Apocalypse is at hand! Will you fight for justice to stop the chaos or will you join in the ranks of evil to bring upon the ultimate destruction of the earth.

Real As It Gets - The Xsyon landscape is based on the Lake Tahoe basin and its surroundings. Lake Tahoe is an alpine lake nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountain range along the California and Nevada border. This location provides a wilderness setting with few traces of modern civilization as a clean slate for the first settlers of Xsyon to construct their world.

Create Yourself - Everyone is a hero in Xsyon. Your character begins with decent base statistics but is unskilled and untrained. In time your character will gain knowledge and develop the crafts and skills to flourish in this new world. You will grow as you go.

Realistic Combat - Xsyon features a flexible, manually controlled combat system. Targeting is based on player angles and swing directions. Final damage is calculated based on many factors. Fight against enemy players, dangerous wildlife, and other hazards.

Social Experience - Life in Xsyon revolves around player created Tribes. Players can develop small homesteads and play solo or band together to form larger tribes. Players will find the need to interact with others to survive and thrive in this newly formed world.