Your Mafia is a browser-based text based sandbox MMORPG that allows you to build and control a criminal world, and grow it from a street level operation to an international enterprise. From setting up your home base of operations and getting yourself geared up for a life of crime, to planning your next job or betting on underground fighting circuits, Your Mafia immerses you in the world of organized crime. You can stay in one city and make it your own, or you can travel the world and expand your operations. One thing's for sure; along the way, you're going to make enemies, and they'll think nothing of taking you out. The world of Your Mafia is dark, dangerous, and deadly.

Your Mafia Key Features

Alone Or As A Gang - You can go it alone, making your way in the betting halls and alleyways. Or you can join a gang, and find strength in numbers. Someday maybe you will even be the Don of your own family.

Live The Life - Search alleys for lost loot and opportunities. Bet on games of chance, from simple lotto schemes to Russian roulette. Pull jobs big and small, and watch the cash roll in - or get caught and do time. No risk, no reward!

Be Ready To Fight - Send your character to the gym to train, gear them up, and be ready for anything; sooner or later, someone's gonna come gunning for you. Will you be ready for them, or will you be lined in chalk?

Vast Explorable World - Go to city hall and check in on other players. Head to the alleyway and look for opportunities. You can even travel across the country - or world - by cab, car, or plane. Or you can just stay home!