Yulgang 2 is a free-to-play MMORPG set in the troubled world of Murin, where players choose a faction, be it Order or Chaos. These two warring factions have been at it with each other for centuries. Developed by Cubizone, Yulgang 2 is based on popular Korean Comics (Manhwa) authored by Jeon Geuk-Jin and illustrated by Yang Jae Hyun. Released in 1995, The game is set 30 years after the happenings in the Manhwa. Yulgang 2 is the spiritual successor of Yulgang, also known as Scions of Fate.

Yulgang 2 Key Features

Order Or Chaos - Join up with Chaos Force, a Martial Arts faction who seeks realistic individuals who will innovate the world and fight for justice by whatever means nencessary, or Order Faction, individuals who put focus on tradition, virtue, righteousness and live for honor and justice.

Choose Your Class - You can choose to be either a Warrior, Mage, Archer or Healer. As for combat, in Yulgang 2 you need to aim your skills, and rack up combo points. Once you get enough points, you enter a locked animation, where your character does something cool like throw your opponent in the air and slice down on them with your epic sword.

Walking On Air - Players can also airsprint in Yulgang 2, making them able to travel faster than ever, by literally gliding through the air as if you could fly. Players are able to use combat skills while in flight, can walk on water, scale high walls, mount trees fly over cliffs. The only thing that limits you is your stamina meter.