Zero Killed is a tactical virtual reality shooter set in a sci-fi world which blends rich PvP and loads of gear and gadgets with the unparalleled immersion of VR hardware. Zone Zero was a region of a faraway planet where mining colonies grew wealthy extracting rare minerals. When the minerals ran out, the companies moved themselves and their workers offworld, abandoning Zone Zero. However, it was not long before would-be prospectors and opportunists came to Zone Zero to seek out opportunities the big companies may have missed. The media touched on the scavengers, erroneously reporting that despite their quarrels, there had been "Zero Killed" in their conflicts. These prospectors and scavengers came to be known as "Zeros."

A few years later, only professional Zeros remain in the Zone – people who have abandoned their past and broke any contact with former employers. You take the role of one of them. You are one of the Zeros.

Zero Killed Key Features

Choose Your Character - You can play as the officially deceased heart surgeon Samaritan, the vengeful general Ox, and so on. Zero Killed provides a choice of 10 characters, each with very different skill sets and histories.

A Game You Experience - With unrestricted movement, advanced collision detection, the surreal immersion of VR, and fast paced tactical gameplay, Zero Killed is a game you experience as well as play.

Tactical Shooter - Intense 4 vs 4 team battles and a range of game modes demand the best from every single player. Communication and coordination are of critical importance in capturing objectives and defeating the enemy.

Realistic Physics Engine - You can climb ladders, leap between ledges, or even throw grenades back at their source. Guns and bullets behave as they should, and you can destroy and interact with most environmental objects.