And tZombie Barricades is a free to play third person action role-playing game with a focus on cooperation and fun graphics, physics, and gameplay. Jump into action with your friends and let those zombies have it with an array of weapons. However, though the focus is on co-op play, players can certainly battle it out with each other if they wish. Watch as zombies or other characters go flying, thanks to ragdoll physics and loads of things that explode! Play with and against your friends in nutty 16 player matches and enjoy a lighter flavor of zombie-blasting fun.

Zombie Barricades Key Features

Fast Paced Fun Matches - Enter 16 player matches in arenas and maps which are small enough to keep things interesting. You can set the game up to allow PvP, or enable only Cooperative play; it's all up to you. Team up to kill hordes of zombies, face off against other players... or both!

Loads Of Weapons - From melee weapons like bats and chainsaws, to flamethrowers, rocket launchers, and more, Zombie Barricades offers plenty of ways to make stuff more deader. You can blast, shoot, and bash your way through your enemies! You can even take control of vehicles and ride around the maps in style.

True Free To Play - Zombie Barricades is completely avoiding P2W mechanics. You'll be able to play Zombie Barricades entirely from start to finish without paying a dime, but if you want to customize your character or buy some in-game currency to help put together your dream weapon, they've got you covered.