Zombies Monsters Robots, better known as ZMR, is an online multiplayer third-person Shooter developed by Yingpei Games and published by En Masse entertainment. Zombies Monsters Robots is a seat-of-your-pants third-person shooter that pits players against everything but the kitchen sink of enemies, maps, and game modes. The invention of teleportation gates opened the door for extra-dimensional creatures to cross into our world. No place on Earth is safe from a host of bizarre enemies that will stop at nothing to see the end of all mankind. This is the world of ZMR.

Zombies Monsters Robots Key Features

Enemies Abound - From the undead, to cyborgs, to supernatural, to mutants, to rival corporations, to dinosaurs with freakin’ lasers strapped to their backs, prepare yourself for anything to pop up in your sights.

Complete Missions - Complete specific objectives in-game to earn rewards like weapons, revive tokens, and gold bullets. New missions are announced every week, so stay informed.

Intense Multiplayer Combat - Fight with up to 16 players in campaign, competitive, and wave-based survival modes across a wide range of maps.

Freakish Boss Fights - Take on tough bosses of all types, from the terrifying to the truly bizarre. The tougher the challenge, the sweeter the victory.

Deep Customization Of Gear - Upgrade your firepower with an arsenal of weapons, each of which includes up to 8 moddable slots, so you can tailor your mayhem however you like.

Monthly Content Updates - ZMR also promises regular monthly updates with more enemies, weapons, maps, and modes— which means that there's always new battles to fight!