Take on the role of zoo director in the free-to-play mobile and browser game Zoo 2: Animal Park. In a unique twist on the zoo simulation genre, players in Zoo 2: Animal Park are given the task of saving a zoo in disarray! Your late Aunt Josephine’s zoo is a complete mess and you’re given 48 hours to turn things around. Tend to wild wolves, ferocious tigers, cute pandas, and sneaky foxes, but make your choices quickly. Waste too much time and your zoo will closer for good.

Wild Creatures

As you build up your zoo, new features and animals will become available. Do you want to focus on domestic animals, build an exotic experience, or create a comprehensive experience with local creatures and animals from all over the world? The choice is yours, but the success of the zoo and lives of the animals depend on you. Who knows, maybe you’ll breed a rare color variation or two!

The exhibits are the only thing you can control. Customize your zoo with shops, benches, bushes, flowers, trees, and don’t forget a couple of restrooms. Watch your design come to life in stunning 3D graphics.

A Gripping Narrative

Not only can you design your zoo and raise animals, but Zoo 2: Animal Park also has a series of quests that will introduce you to a cast of loving characters. Also, be sure not to miss exciting timed events that will grant exclusive rewards.