Zoomumba is a free to play browser based simulation game which lets you design, operate, and maintain your very own zoo! You can buy animal habitats in the shop and then place them on your zoo to have them built. Once you have both male and female animals in your exhibit, they can have baby animals! Take care of your animals and give them what they need to make them happy. Connect your animal habitats and attractions with pathways, so that your visitors can walk around and see the park. The more visitors who come to your zoo, the more garbage will be generated. Keep your zoo clean and your visitors happy by picking up the litter! The happier your visitors are, the better your rating on the Zoo-O-Meter will be. Build the best zoo of all time. Have fun!

Zoomumba Key Features

Care For The Animals - You decide which animals you have in your zoo, and you're responsible for their well-being. Happy animals will please visitors, and if you have a pair, they might even have babies!

Keep Visitors Happy - How you layout your park, and how well you maintain it, will impact the visitors your park receives. A clean park with happy animals will rake in the dough.

Set Up Habitats - You decide which animals exactly you will house by purchasing and providing special habitats for them. You must keep them healthy and happy!