Zula is a high quality free-to-play client-based first-person shooter with fast-paced combat in unique locations such as Istanbul, Northern Iraq, and Paris. The player must choose between two rival factions. Zula is a misunderstood syndicate, a group of vigilantes and mercenaries fighting for their beliefs. Gladyo is an international paramilitary group with connections to nearly all worldwide military organizations. Whichever one you choose, prepare for exceptional challenges, fast paced combat, and intense FPS action across more than 17 different maps. Fans of shooters everywhere should find lots to like about Zula.

Zula Key Features

Diverse Locations - From the streets of Paris to the rugged reaches of Iraq, players in Zula have plenty of locations to see and fight in. Each locale offers unique challenges, obstacles, and enemies!

Characters And Weapons - Take your pick of 16 different characters, each one offering unique abilities and strengths. Equip more than 100 different kinds of weapons and take the fight to the enemy.

Different Game Modes - From classics like Free For All and Team Deathmatch to the new Wanted mode, there's plenty of game types for all.

Fight And Compete - Complete missions to earn rewards and advance your status. As you fight, you can improve your ranking and earn rewards.

eSports Ready - For those who enjoy the toughest challenges, Zula delivers. You can try your luck against the best of the best in special tournament matches, as a single player or with your entire Clan!