If you need a way to relax after a stressful day at school or work, we have the perfect solution: amazing online games for everyone! Free online games are a great distraction that let your mind wander. Some gamers prefer brain teasers, while others love playing action games. Among the multitude of free-to-play-games there is something for every taste. PC action games sure don’t fall under “light entertainment”, however, they help many people unwind. Once the game is downloaded or set up through a game account, the action begins and the adrenaline levels rise! No matter which action MMORPG you start playing, get ready for many different challenges and lots of suspense.


Suspense through action-loaded scenes – The world of action games free of charge


While your friends watch action movies on TV, wouldn’t you prefer being part of the action? Choose the online action game that you like and live through your personal adventure of dangerous action scenes that you will face without any fear!

There are plenty of action RPG games but they do have one thing in common: total chaos on the computer screen! In order to try out a game on, you need a computer that is connected to the internet, an iOS or Android smartphone or a tablet. You can find online action games on almost every device. Back in the day, explosive adventures, gun battles and shootouts were mainly reserved for consoles and PCs, but game developers have made it their mission to create free action MMORPGs for mobile devices. More and more people are getting smartphones and the number of potential mobile game players rises on a daily basis. It’s no surprise that the selection of action RPG games is growing in popular stores. That’s why we offer you a huge variety of online action games:


  • Action RPGs
  • 3D und 2D action games
  • Fast-paced action like car racing, PvE or PvP battles
  • Multiplayer Action Games


Downloading action games free of charge


Many online action games can be played directly on your mobile device or in your computer’s internet browser. You can find free action RPG games under Download Games. Pick the action game that speaks to you and show off your skills! Quick reflexes come in handy if you want to survive in a battle. Whether you find yourself in a shootout with other players, have to deal with NPCs, ugly monsters or difficult quests, you need to be on top of your game for your virtual character to live another day.