Mobile gaming is getting more and more popular every year and it doesn’t look like this trend is going to be stopping anytime soon. Phone technology is also improving, which means we’re getting more complex games. This may just be the start of the golden era for mobile MMOs, but mobile MMORPGs can be difficult to find. They often don’t have massive advertisement budgets and many gaming sites will ignore them entirely. Well, we here at MMOGames are changing that. To get us started, here are 13 mobile MMORPGs.

AdventureQuest 3D – Android, iOS, PC

Free to play. Offers in-app purchases.

Developer: Artix Entertainment

On the back of their success with previous AdventureQuest games, Artix has released AdventureQuest 3D, which is currently in open beta. Artix has gone to great lengths to make it so you can play this mobile MMORPG anywhere anytime with anyone. It boasts cross-platform play so you can play with your friends no matter what type of phone you have…unless it’s a Windows phone. Once you’re playing you don’t have to worry about out-leveling your friends. They’ve introduced a sidekicking system, similar to that which was first introduced by City of Heroes. Lower level characters can temporarily scale up to the level of the higher character.

Aurcus Online – Android, iOS

Free to Play. Offers in-app purchases.

Developer: Asobimo Inc

Aurcus Online is an action MMORPG with combat similar to that in Tera. It is a little bit older than other games on this list and it kind of shows in the graphics. Still, it has a unique combat system and offers PvP.

Celtic Heroes – Android, iOS

Free to Play. Offers in-app purchases.

Developer: One Thumb Mobile Ltd

Celtic Heroes boasts hundreds of thousands of hours of gameplay and character customization while calling itself a true open world mobile MMORPG. In addition to the Celtic mythology based quests, the game offers PvP battles and duels.

Crusaders of Light – Android, iOS, Facebook

Free to Play. Offers in-app purchases.

Developer: NetEase

Crusaders of Light offers 50 different types of mounts, including dragons, and thousands of options for character customization. It offers integrated voice chat so you don’t have to worry about trying to type while you’re in the middle of one of the 40-man raids.

Infinite Black – Android, iOS, PC, Linux, Mac

Free to Play. Offers in-app purchases.

Developer: Spellbook

Cross-platform gaming….IN SPACE! Fight aliens, take up bounty hunting and get yourself a sweet looking ship. The Infinite Black has been going for years and will be getting an expansion very soon. Reviews on the game are mixed, however. As it is one of those titles that takes a lot of time and dedication to really get into.

Order and Chaos 2 – Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Mobile MMORPGs 2017

Free to Play. Offers in-app purchases.

Developer: Gameloft

With multiple factions, 5 different races, and 5 classes you would be forgiven for assuming Order and Chaos 2 was on the PC. But it is a mobile game, and one of the few mobile MMORPGs you can find on a Windows phone. The game includes the much sought after and rarely seen open world PvP along with dueling.

School of Chaos – Android, iOS

Free to Play. Offers in-app purchases.

Developer: VNL Entertainment

In a time when most MMORPGs are fantasy based, School of Chaos bucks the trend by sending you back to high school. In it, all the teachers have disappeared. What happens next is up to you. It has an open world and also allows you to make your own quests for others to play. Where the pets and buying houses comes into play we aren’t quite sure yet, but MMOGames is planning on sending someone back to the days of greasy pizza on Friday to find out.

Sword of Shadows – Android, iOS

Free to Play. Offers in-app purchases.

Developer: Snail Games USA

Sword of Shadows is the latest title in the popular Age of Wushu franchise. It has player housing, PvP, and all the martial arts you could ever want on your phone. Unfortunately, it has also been accused of being pay to win.

Tome of the Sun - Android, iOS

Free to Play. Offers in-app purchases.

Developer: NetEase

If fast-paced combat and battling pets are your kind of thing, you might be interested in Tome of the Sun. There are over 150 dungeons for you to play in with your pets, which you have to train and evolve. It also has a PvP arena where you can win yourself some loot.

Toram Online – Android, iOS

Free to Play. Offers in-app purchases.

Developer: Asobimo

Toram Online is currently celebrating having reached 6 million downloads with an in-game event. Unlike many other mobile MMORPGs, this one doesn’t offer any PvP, instead focusing entirely on their vast world. You can also capture pets and raise them in your own player housing. It also boasts being class free, so you can play your character the way you want.

Unison League – Android, iOS

Unison League

Free to Play. Offers in-app purchases. Contains Ads.

Developer: Ateam

Of all the titles on this list, this one is perhaps the least like the others. Its combat is 5 player co-op style with 5v5 fights but you can have guilds and competitive guild battles. Unison League has 5 different classes which you can switch between at any time. It also contains ads while also facing accusations of being buy to play. Players often consider it to be a bit repetitive as well.

Villagers & Heroes – Android, PC

Free to Play. Offers in-app purchases.

Developer: Mad Otter Games

If you’re looking for a game you can easily swap between your phone and PC then Villagers & Heroes might be the one you’re looking for. It has a massive world with thousands of story-driven quests. You can claim mounts and fight challenging raid bosses. Or you can set yourself up on a farm and do some crafting. To get the full experience however you may have to put your phone down and play on the PC.

World of Prandis – Android, iOS

Free to Play. Offers in-app purchases.

Developer: Oryugengames

World of Prandis is a seamless open world mobile MMORPG with two regions, 3 tribes, and 6 different classes to pick from. In it, you can go on raids, do dungeons, take part in PvP, and of course, there’s also some crafting skills. As of writing this, the game has only been out for a couple of weeks but we are looking forward to giving it a full review in the future.