Make your way to the MysteriousIsland that suddenly appeared out of nowhere and fight the Ghost Captain in Anno Online’s Halloween event. The event, which begins today will continue until November 6th, and all Halloween related things will be removed from the game on November 13th.


Included in the event are several new buildings. The Enhanced Lumberjack needs half the trees that the others do and produces wood in half the time. It makes you wonder how he can do it. A haunted mill produces flour more efficiently. The workers go as fast as they can so they don’t have to stay in that spooky place longer than they have to, perhaps? The Haunted Paper Mill produces twice as much paper as a normal paper mill.


New buildings aren’t the only thing you’ll be able to get though. The Haunted tree will produce a mushroom buff from time to time. A scarecrow adds 2 inhabitants to each residence, and Jack O’Lantern is there just for decoration. You’ll also be able to get several different types of ghost ships, and Halloween themed sails.

These are all just the start of the list of items you can find in Anno Online’s Halloween event. For the full list head over to the official forums.