Upon the release of Black Desert Online’s new Corsair class, many were left wondering why it is that we don’t see more pirate classes in our video games. Because if BDO’s recent burst of popularity tells us anything, it’s that people really love pirates.

Following last week’s content update, BDO saw a 300% increase in new and returning daily players. The increase even saw the sprawling fantasy game reach the number one position on Steam in the MMORPG category.

Pearl Abyss see this uptake as the result of a combination of effects. Following the Heidel Ball being viewed by over half a million fans globally on 19th June, the new Corsair class and Summer Season servers were updated simultaneously across the world. Plus, a seven-day free trial is available for new adventurers to give the title a spin.

BDO Corsair Class

But Corsair in particular has also received some rave reviews. Her ‘lively characteristics and bold background story’ are touted as the main reasons for her universal acclaim. Plus, her unique skills - such as moving at high speed over water and her water-based abilities - are as refreshing as a splash of water to the face.

Not only that, but the Summer Season has been assisting players with some speedy levelling. A new, simplified main quest is easing people into the swing of things. Which was a wise move for a game that can sometimes leave newbies feeling a little overwhelmed. Party Monster Zones and a new Season Character Transfer System which allows players to transfer their Season Character status and combat/skill EXP are also very welcome changes.

Either way, Pearl Abyss seems to have created a perfect storm of conditions that have led to this increased popularity. Now let's hope it's smooth sailing from here. And if you've yet to give it a go, then why not check out the BDO free trial on their official website.

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