A brand new BDO class has awoken, joining the ranks of the casters like Witch and Wizard. Only instead of the elements, this particular badass wields time and space.

The Sage, as the name might suggest, is a learned scholar whose research unveiled the oncoming threat of the Black Spirit 49 years ago. With his scientific contraptions and doodads - aka the weapon research facility known as Atoraxxion - he forsaw the incoming threat as it hurtled through space.

Spurned by his fellow citizens and locked away for his efforts, Sage resolved to take an extended beauty sleep in some other dimension until it was time for him to emerge, and confront the threat with a fresh head and fresh face. And it seems to have worked.

The incredibly unique weapon that Sage wields is the cube-shaped Kyve, an ancient contraption that allows Sage to open spacial rifts and summon magic forces. His combat abilities also open up a whole new world of possibilities. From covering short distances in an instant to unleashing powerful AOE attacks, his skillset it rife with tide-changing options, including:
  • Spacial Collapse - Space/time mastery affords the ability to reduce specific skills’ cooldowns, giving him and his companions a strategic boost in battle.

  • Rift Chain - A short-distance teleportation ability that can even phase through physical obstacles.

  • Ator’s Energy - Sage’s primary skill with a 100% critical hit rate.

Owing to his archaic origins, Sage is also the only Black Desert class who can access Hystria Ruins and Aakman Temple dungeons without entry items. This should provide a welcome head-start to players early on in the game.

Sage is set to phase onto players’ screens on 17th March in Black Desert Online or 31st March in Black Desert. There’s plenty more information to get stuck into, including an in-depth look at Sage’s history. So head over to the official announcement page to brush up on the knowledge worthy of a Sage.

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